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As some of you may know, Empire I was in a nearly fatal car crash in Jamaica April 26th 2015. This album is named "BACK FROM THE DEAD" as a celebration of life and the tremendous physical obstacles she had to get over in the past year. Surviving neurosurgery amongst other interventions, months of physiotherapy and over coming the hopelessness of an accident that could have ended her life. Let us celebrate our existence and positivity with a collection of songs that will empower you and make you dance from the gym to the car to the dance floor. In deep gratitude, Empire I shares her spirit with you, giving thanks for all those that where there for her in the darkest hour. "BACK FROM THE DEAD"

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//Never Stop Creating//


Monumental Records Produced by KOVAS at Ghetto Beat studios Brooklyn, NY Executive Producer Awane Jones Associate Producer Bassil Silim Jones Written By Miriam Moufide Video by 16 Pads

Animé par la seule & unique Empire I. Une présentation de Monumental Productions & Push Entertainment, les billets (10$) sont en vente au Off the Hook(1021a Ste Catherine Ouest) & Lunetz(4269, Rue Saint-Denis)

Monumental Records presents DJ Quest Love + Apple Bottoms

Done With Isis, Now Empire I

My guest in this segment is multi-national recording artiste who up to late last year went by the name Empire Isis, but now wants be called Empire I due to negative connotations generated by the Islamic terror group known as isis.

Heineken presents in association with Apple Bottoms Clothing & Red Bull, OUTKAST's Grammy Award Winning BIG BOI at CLUB SODA (1225 St Laurent), Saturday, October 17th, 7pm alongside Montreal's gangstress EMPIRE I

From one of the most successful hip-hop groups of all time, having received six Grammy Awards and over 25 million copies sold between OutKast's eight releases. Big Boi will be performing in Montreal for the first time in support of his upcoming solo album titled Sir Luscious Left Foot: The Son of Chico Dusty a follow up to the critically acclaimed SpeakBoxxx album released with Andre 3000. Set to be released later this year under Def Jam Records (celebrating 25 years), Sir Luscious Left Foot: The Son of Chico Dusty will feature tracks with Jamie Foxx, T.I., Mary J. Blige, Raekwon, Jadakiss, Ciara and more.



Monumental Records@ Monumental Records and Empire I is proud to introduce the world's first Augmented Reality application for an artist. Producer by Awane Jones Associate producer Bassil Silim Jones Creative director Miriam Moufide Empire I - Augmented Reality Experience for new album Crack the Code.


TWITTER/FACEBOOK/INSTAGRAM @RealEmpireI "Time to Shine" segment for TVJ FIWI Choice. Kingston, Jamaica April 2016


Queen Latifah CoverGirl add directed by Hype Williams and music by Empire I. Go to to listen to the new album.

Monumental Records presents Collie Buddz + Apple Bottoms

It’s a brand new style for Apple Bottoms clothing Quebec and internationally touring artist Empire I. The Montreal native recently signed a new partnership deal with the clothing line to cross promote her highly acclaimed sophomore album “Brand New Style” released on Monumental/Universal.

Applebottoms will exclusively distribute on free digital download cards two of Empire I’ singles “Participate” and “Don’t Go Home” with the purchase of any piece of Applebottoms clothing in stores across Quebec.

“Apple Bottoms Rep Quote” something along why they chose empire I

In addition to the new cross promotion, Quebec’s most popular music channel Musique Plus will be holding an exclusive contest with AppleBottoms and Empire ISIS from May 4th to May 11th where one lucky participant will win a $500 gift certificate for AppleBottoms clothing and a personal shopping experience with Empire I. During thw winning participants shopping spree they will also filmed for special episode of Empire ISIS show Gangstress Chronicles on Musique Plus.

As Empire ISIS’ fan base grows with young females and her revolutionary sound of world music mash up appeals internationally. Empire ISIS’ business model has been focused on building a specific target audience.

“Empire I” quote “It’s about building relationships with those your communicating with.

As an artist, Empire I message of women empowerment and standing up for your beliefs has strongly connected with girls and young women across the globe. With a niche market that a

“Empire I Quote”

As an artist who has lived across the world and key interest has been about cracking the code of cultures and languages. Empire ISIS’ business model and team are focused on reaching their target audience in more ways then one.

Empire I “ Having apple bottoms on board is great opportunity and the next stepping stone to reach young girls and women. I believe we need to demonstrate to women that the male dominated business world can have its barriers broken down”

Along with Empire I joining forces in the corporate world she strongly believes in global responsibility. Recently, Empire ISIS became one of a few female artists to endorse Girls Action Foundation, a national charity that implements programs to promote female empowerment, leadership and the elimination of violence and discrimination.

Empire I ft Sizzla Kalonji

Empire I teams up with Sizzla to create a great love Song? Undercover


Monumental Records@ Produced by Prayon Executive Producer Awane Jones Associate Producer Bassil Silim Jones Written By Miriam Moufide Video by Bassil Silim Jones Empire I - Get up on it featured on HBO's Girls Season 5 official trailer

Monumental Records presents DJ Green Lantern + Apple Bottoms + Smashbox

Smashbox Cosmetics Canada Names Empire I New Brand Ambassador

SmashBox Canada announces Canadian artist Empire I as its new brand ambassador for its innovative line of cosmetics. Well known for creating trendsetting styles and working closely with makeup industry professionals, celebrities and fashion industry insiders. SmashBox thrives in bringing forth a specialized product and creating the perfect makeup line for women around the globe.

“I'm honored that Smashbox makeup chose to work with me and the Empire I movement." commented Empire I. "They have an International vision, it only makes sense to work together, it's all about making girls look good round the world."

In addition to Empire I joining Smashbox Canada, they are proud to announce their fifth year anniversary event that will be hosted on Thursday, January 21st, 2009 at Living NightClub (4521 St. Laurent) that will feature DJ Green Lantern, Empire I, Adam K, Julien Prince, The Troubadours & Shoops.

Smashbox began when two very unique entrepreneurs and the great-grandsons of makeup legend Max Factor combined their talent & heritage to create Smashbox Photo Studios in 1991. With a slew of starlets passing through the Studios daily, Dean & Davis were frequently asked to create a makeup line that met the perfecting needs of a photo shoot. Dean & Davis decided to combine their skills - Dean, a business guru with an MBA, and Davis, a leading celebrity and fashion photographer - and in 1996 created Smashbox Cosmetics.

Today, thier state-of the-art facility is inundated with the most sought after artists, celebrities, models & photographers, and is also home to the celeb-studded Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Los Angeles. From Drew to Charlize, Gisele, Madonna & more, Smashbox has seen them all, and more importantly, swapped tips with their makeup artists. This means that their privy to insider beauty secrets & trends straight from the experts. And best of all? They share. At Smashbox, they believe that knowledge truly is a beautiful thing, and thiers is just too good to keep to themselves. From finding beauty solutions & quick fixes to demystifying makeup application, they’re inspired daily to create innovative beauty products for women everywhere.

Founded in 2005, Monumental Records was a division of Universal Music Group.

Producing exclusively Hiphop, Dancehall and Reggae music for such acts as Empire I, the labels mantra was to create music that would help uplift people. Our message and belief is to talk about social problems that are affected the disenfranchised throughout the world. The label released 6 albums for Empire I and over 200 TV placements for global campaign such as Pantene, Cover Girl, MTV, HBO, NBC, ABC and many more. The label innovative many marketing initiatives such as creating the world's first Augmented Reality app for an artist. In addition, creating events with acts such as OUTKAST, DJ Lantern, Collie Budz etc. Also produced a TV show with Musique Plus in Canada.

The label was co-founded by Awane Jones, Miriam Moufide, and Bassil Silim-Jones.


Monumental Records@ Produced by Awane Jones Associate producer Bassil Silim Jones Written by Miriam Moufide Empire I and Turbulence on a track together!!! Produced by FLAVA Big UP


EMPIREISIS.COM NANA POWER is the third single off ''Crack The Code''. Buy it on iTunes: Produced by KOVAS at Ghetto Beat studios Brooklyn, NY Video by 16 Pads visit to hear more (free downloads) This video is dedicated to Amina Filali, you will not be forgotten...